HP VS DELL which one is better?

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HP and DELL are the two leading laptop companies. Whenever you are searching for the mobility products, desktop PCs, software and peripherals, servers and networking services, and storage you come across the names of these companies Hewlett-packer (HP) and DELL.

If you are looking for a typical business style laptop then HP Laptop elite Book 8460P and Dell Latitude E6430 are the most appropriate choices. If you have to carry your laptop around for work both the laptops are sturdy assembled to last while travelling ability. Performance wise both are outstanding and provides the best possible. Dell Latitude E6430 has caught an Editor’s Choice Award but you get similar specifications and rugged build in HP Elite 8460P at about half the price. Usually HP Laptop price are lower then Dell Laptop.

If your goal is great performance from a media laptop, both brands have their own specially media designed laptops. Dell Inspiron 17R special edition and HP Envy 17 will blow your mind away. They are filled with remarkable features that include a dynamic 17 inch desktop replaceable screen and the computer also comes with a stunning 1920 by 1080 screen resolution. The HP Envy 17 will cost you $200 more but it is also an Editor’s preferred. One of the big reasons for that are the blu ray speakers – these speakers are Beats Audio.

When it comes to gaming laptops dell throw the HP out of the field. DELL’s Alienware super gaming line is considered the best gaming laptops. Alienware is not the only gaming brand but the Alienware M17 × R4 has won highest position due to its unsullied performance and bright game extras. So if you are a game lover nothing can beat Dell’s options.

If you are looking for the best portable device, HP’s envy line is sleek and easily portable. HP Envy 4 to envy 14 are glass covered sleek ultabooks. The portable business laptop HP Folio again took the Editor’s award. The HP EliteBook Folio provides high-performance requirements with 6th Gen Intel Core M series, like the Intel® Core™ m5 processor6, PCIe solid-state drives, 8GB of memory, and long battery life. Also allows multi factor authentication to help secure business network and resources.

On the other hand Dell Laptop is not that far overdue. Honestly, the company has lately come out with several desktop replaceable laptops. Two outstanding instances are the Dell Inspiron 15R special edition and Dell XPS 15. DELL Inspiron Upgrade to 4th Gen Intel Core processors for long battery life and stunning graphics and get the most from your favorite Windows 8 apps and games. DELL provides the best battery timing in my opinion it is the only lapop which provides such long battery timing.

Both DELL and hp are at their very best and professional, providing us with innovation, creativity and excellence altogether. HP and DELL both have such features that facilitates high-end users in very affordable prices. Both of the companies has their own perks and you certainly can’t rate them over each other.

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